• Harry Perry

Thermal Ribbon SOS!

In todays blog we thought we would share 3 of the most common thermal ribbon gripes we hear in the office and give you some top tips and how to fix them...

Printer Issue 1: Ribbon Breakage Possible Causes & Remedial Action:

Printhead pressure is set too high. Reduce your printer pressure.

Printhead energy setting is set too high. Reduce your energy setting. Ribbon tension is too high on the take-up spool. Adjust your tension setting.

Printer Issue 2: Poor Barcode Edge Definition Possible Causes & Remedial Action: Thermal ribbon isn't matched correctly with your label material.

Test another ribbon and label combination. Print speed is too high (if printed in ladder format), reduce speed and temperature accordingly.

Printer Issue: Gaps In The Printed Data Possible Causes & Remedial Action: Dust on the label. Regularly remove dust from labels inside the printer and clean the printhead. This also improves the life of your printhead. Printhead elements have burned out. Replace your printhead. Thermal ribbon or media isn't matched correctly with your printer. Test another ribbon or media.

If these don't sort the problem, you can always give us a call at the office on 01903 896 030 and the team will be more than happy to help!