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NEW! Inkanto by Armor

Armor are the worldwide N°1 provider of thermal ribbons and have established a formidable reputation for quality, reliability and innovation in their field.

When they recently embarked on a rebrand of their entire ribbon range, they didn’t want it to be an empty exercise in PR, but to truly reflect the superb quality and unique customer benefits their range now represents.  

Not only have they succeeded in designing a ribbon range that looks great, but features a unique host of benefits that sets the range apart from its competitors.

Whilst the vibrant new visual identity of the product is really fun and looks great on the shelf – the rebrand does have a practical advantage too. Each grade of ribbon (wax, wax-resin and resin) has an individual colour theme, making roll identification a real doddle.

They’ve also added a number of additional tools and services to aid the sale and use of thermal transfer products. Every Inkanto ribbon is delivered with an online certificate of conformity, a complimentary cleaning wipe to prolong the life of your printhead and a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defect.

 ‘With Inkanto, we have given a name to a face,’ said Armor marketing director Yohann Froment. ‘It provides customers and end users something tangible to associate the quality products we are associated with.’

TRD stock the full Inkanto by Armor ribbon range and have been impressed with the feedback our customers have offered us in terms of their quality.

If would like a free sample of ribbons, even the sample range has been revised, with each ribbon being presented in practical designer packaging. Samples can be provided individually or as part of a kit presenting the entire range of Inkanto ribbons.

Order now on 01903 896030!

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