• Harry Perry

Stay Clean this Olympics!

The Rio Olympics are just around the corner and here at ID Solutions we're getting in the spirit of things!

Let us know which country you think will win the most medals (in total) at the games and you will be entered into our competition to win a £20 Amazon Gift Voucher*, just send an email to with your answer!

It's paramount for athletes to be looked after and maintained so they can perform at their best... just like your label printer! - reduce your downtime, grow your productivity, increase your printers lifespan and maintain good print quality... with one of our THREE printer cleaning kits (see here for details).

We're extremely committed to providing the best possible service for our customers and in order to keep improving this we would appreciate your help by completing our online survey by following this link - it's quick, easy and anonymous and gives us a clear idea of what we can do to improve!

Good luck with your competition entry and thank you for your time!

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